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Escort Etiquette Boudoir Amsterdam

Hello gentleman! If you are on our website you are searching for an escort lady to spend your time with. We want your date to go as smoother as possible, so for that we have some rules and tips you should know before:

  • Personal hygiene is very important to our ladies! Please make sure you are fresh, clean and properly prepared for an erotic encounter.
  • Make sure before the arrival of the lady that you have clean bed linen and enough fresh towels and a shower available.
  • Always use a condom! Our escort models practice ONLY safe sex (whether is oral, vaginal or anal) and they can refuse the meeting at anytime if not agreed.
  • Do not force the escort lady to use alcohol or any kind of drugs.
  • Do not use too much alcohol or drugs yourself! The escort lady wants to make your experience together a memorable one and this is possbile only if your mind is clear.
  • Make sure that your escort date feels comfortable with your requests and do not force her to comply with unsafe sex practices.
  • Do not contact an escort agency if you suspect you have any STDs. Our ladies will refuse offering the service and keep the payment.
  • Make sure that you are respectful with the lady and you treat her gently (no squeezing, biting, etc.)
  • Do not ask the escort lady private details about her life (phone number, private address etc.). Most of our ladies are studying or building their careers, so they will appreciate and give you back the same discretion and confidentiality.
  • Please make sure that the details provided to the escort agency are complete and accurate (hotel name, room number, last name etc).
  • Make sure you have prepared the agreed amount of money before the arrival of the escort lady. The lady will ask you to fix the payment on the beginning of your date.
  • Clients are advised to follow the 10 Golden Rules for a safe and professional sexual encounter.

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